Inviting to new learning networks

Published: March 11, 2024

DLL is expanding its services by inviting to several new thematic learning networks on topics like women’s economic empowerment and climate adaptation.

Within the next few months, DLL will launch thematic learning networks on climate adaptation and women’s economic empowerment. The thematic networks are open to anyone working in civil society or research organizations.

The purpose of the learning networks is to bring together professionals with a common thematic interest to learn from each other, and to contribute to more knowledge based and effective aid.  

The establishment of these new networks is DLL’s response to a survey among staff in Norwegian aid organisations, showing that there is an overwhelming interest in new venues for knowledge exchange. The survey also pointed to the preferred content in such learning networks: Sharing of research-based knowledge about the effects of aid programmes, and sharing of knowledge about reasons for success and/or failure of aid projects in other organisations. These issues will be a central focus of the learning networks.

To enhance learning across organisations is a key objective for DLL.

-Thematic learning networks that bring together researchers and practitioners working on similar topics will be a powerful platform for learning across organisations, says Ottar Mæstad, director of DLL.

The networks will offer both physical and digital meetings in which practitioners are expected to share their experiences whereas researchers will share research-based knowledge that is relevant to the network.

The combined knowledge and experience from research and practice represents a vast pool of knowledge that can be tapped into to improve the effectiveness of aid programmes.  

-Getting together to discuss mutual challenges and lessons learnt is invaluable, and we are very happy to be able to offer venues for such knowledge exchange, says Mæstad.

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