Learning arenas

Learning through collaboration

Development actors are working on similar challenges. DLL facilitates collaboration and learning across organisations.   

What is a learning arena?

Learning arenas are organised around specific topics. They bring together practitioners, policymakers and researchers working on the same issues to share and learn from research and experience.

All participants contribute to the content of the learning arena with their knowledge and experience. DLL is responsible for the research part and for ensuring a structured and pedagogical learning environment. DLL learning arenas offer both physical and digital venues.  

Establishing a trusting learning environment is high priority. The Chatham House Rule applies.

Knowledge – a public good

Knowledge about development should be considered a public good. Collaboration is crucial to ensure that new knowledge is generated where it is most needed, and to facilitate effective knowledge sharing. Learning arenas contribute towards such collaboration.  

Let’s meet to learn from each other

DLL learning arenas provide digital and physical venues for learning where policy-makers, practitioners and researchers meet and interact in a trusting atmosphere.