Agricultural resilience through climate services (ARCS)

Published: March 11, 2024

The project will study the impact of a customized climate services program among smallholder farmers in Malawi and Ethiopia.

Climate services refer to weather forecasts and weather-contingent agricultural advice that have the potential to make farmers less vulnerable to climate change.

The research will produce evidence that civil society organizations, policymakers, and funders can use to decide whether and how to scale up climate services projects throughout the region.  We will measure the effects of the program on short-term outcomes like agricultural decisions and yields, but more importantly on long-term outcomes like food security, income, and resilience. We will also work closely with the Development Fund on more frequent monitoring of development indicators.

Implementing partners
Ethiopia, Malawi
Study population
3,000-4,000 households in each country
Study type
Randomized evaluation
2024 - 2027