What we do

Development Learning Lab provides research-based knowledge and facilitates learning at all stages of the project cycle.

Activities and resources


We apply scientific methods to measure and evaluate results and to understand the reasons for success and failure.

Knowledge reviews

We review existing research, assess its relevance and reliability, and make research results accessible for practical use.

Learning Arenas

We bring together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in thematic Learning Arenas to share knowledge and experience.

How we contribute throughout the project cycle

Understanding the problem

We work with partners to understand the nature of development challenges and their underlying causes.

Design and planning

We assist in identifying knowledge gaps and in designing projects to learn more about what works and why. We can also participate in developing outcome indicators, results frameworks, and data collection strategies.


We contribute to monitoring and evaluation, facilitating rapid feedback loops to implementers. We assess whether the project’s theory of change needs to be refined.

Measuring results

We measure outcomes and impacts using rigorous research and analyse successes and failures.


We facilitate systematic learning focused on research-based knowledge. We work jointly with practitioners to interpret findings and discuss implications.