Can zinc increase survival of young infants receiving antibiotic treatment?

Published: March 11, 2022

Despite the existence of effective antibiotics, serious infections are among the most common causes of death among babies in the first two months of life. Previous research has found that daily zinc intake can increase the success of antibiotic treatment among infants.

The policy question is whether daily zinc should be added to the treatment of young infants with clinical severe infection in order to increase survival.

We estimate the risk of dying among babies younger than two months who received daily zinc in addition to antibiotics for severe infection compared to babies who received antibiotics.

India and Nepal
In-country research partner
Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (India) and Tribhuvan University (Nepal)
Study population
3,000 infants in seven hospitals
Study type
Randomized evaluation
2017 - 2022
Nitya Wadhwa (project leader), Sudha Basnet, Uma Chandra Mouli Natchu, Laxman P. Shrestha, Shinjini Bhatnagar, Halvor Sommerfelt, Tor A. Strand