Performance-based financing of health services

Published: February 17, 2022

The project assesses the impacts of performance-based financing in the health sector in Tanzania. With performance-based financing health clinics and health workers receive funding/incentives in relation to the utilization and quality of health services.

The policy question is whether such output-based financing mechanisms improve service quality and increase service utilization, compared with conventional input-based financing. 

We measure effects on health service utilization and the quality of services, with a focus on maternal, child and reproductive health services. We also follow the implementation process and provide regular feedbacks to implementers with data collected through telephone-surveys.

Implementing partner
Tanzania: Mwanza and Mara regions
In-country research partner
Ifakara Health Institute
Study population
3,000 households, 150 health facilities
Study type
Controlled before-after study
2014 - 2020
Ottar M├Žstad (project leader), Peter Binyaruka, Jo Borghi, Vincent Somville, Iddy Mayumana, Siri Lange, Eskindir Shumbullo Loha, Sarah Tobin