WorkLab: Work training for young women

Published: March 14, 2024

In this project, we address the issue of job search and employment using an experimental approach, where we offer young women a work training program allowing them to better understand and navigate the labor market. The program will consist of factual information about the job market, as well as inspiring stories from role models who share their experiences and give advice.

The results of our research will be useful for employers and policy makers, who will get a better understanding of how to attract workers, reduce labor turnover, and improve productivity. A fundamental contribution of our project is that we combine the experiment with lab and field evidence. We follow the participants over time, collecting lab evidence on mindsets and beliefs and field evidence of both job search and early job experiences. In this way, using both the lab and the field, our project allows us to both get a profound understanding of the psychological mechanisms of job search and career choice, as well as evidence on choices outside the lab setting, thus adding external validity to our study.

Implementing partner
In-country research partner
Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF)
Study population
400 girls in secondary school
Study type
Controlled before-after study
2024 - 2024