Women’s Economic Empowerment Network

Published: April 11, 2024

Increase your knowledge about how to design and implement programs that strengthen the economic position of women.

Women’s economic empowerment plays a pivotal role in fostering development and addressing gender inequality.

In this learning network we ask: How can organizations support women in their access to income earning opportunities, productive assets, and resources?

Members of the learning network will

  • become familiar with recent research on women’s economic empowerment,
  • learn from the experiences of other organizations on how to successfully implement programs in a variety of contexts,
  • become part of a community that shares knowledge and resources that can make programs more effective.  

The first meeting of the network takes place on Monday 10 June. Preliminary program.

Read about the purpose and format of DLL Learning Networks here.

Responsible researchers

Viola Asri (CMI)

Charlotte Ringdal (CMI)

Time span
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